PCS3P25811A: Spread Spectrum Clock Generator

具体说明: The PCS3P25811/12/14 devices are versatile spread ...
  • The PCS3P25811/12/14 devices are versatile spread spectrum frequency modulators designed specifically for a wide range of input clock frequencies from 4MHz to 32MHz.The PCS3P25811/12/14 reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) at the clock source, allowing system wide reduction of EMI of down stream clock and data dependent signals. It allows significant system cost savings by reducing the number of circuit board layers, ferrite beads, shielding, and other passive components that are traditionally required to pass EMI regulations.
    PCS3P25811/12/14 can generate an EMI reduced clock from crystal, ceramic resonator, or system clock.
    PCS3P25811/12/14 have 2 pins S0 and S1 to control the selection of Center Spread, Down Spread and No-Spread functions. Additionally there is a 3 level logic contol FSEL, for selecting one of the three different frequency ranges within the operating frequency range.
  • 特性
  • Generates a 1x (PCS3P25811), 2x (PCS3P25812) and 4x(PCS3P25814) low EMI spread spectrum clock of the input frequency
  • Selectable spread options: Down Spread and Center Spread
  • Low inherent Cycle-to-Cycle Jitter
  • 应用
  • EMI management in applications such as LCD Panels, MFPs, Digital copiers, Networking, PC peripheral devices
  • 终端产品
  • Consumer electronics
  • Embedded controller systems
  • 技术文档及设计资源
  • 状况: Active
  • Compliance: Pb-free Halide free 
  • 具体说明: Spread Spectrum Clock Generator
  • 封装 类型: SOIC-8
  • 封装 外形: 751-07
  • MSL: 1
  • 容器 类型: REEL
  • 容器 数量: 2500
  • 库存

  • Market Leadtime (weeks):4 to 8
  • Arrow:0
  • Digikey:<1K
  • PandS:>1K
  • Specifications
  • VDD Typ (V): 3.3 
  • fin Typ (MHz): 4-32 
  • fout Typ (MHz): 4-32 
  • Deviation Type: ±0.3 to ±1.4  -0.5 to -3.0 
  • Features: ModOUT=1x Input Clock 
  • TA Min (°C):
  • TA Max (°C): 70 
  • Package Type: SOIC-8 
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