NCP81255: Single-Phase Regulator for IMVP8

具体说明: The NCP81255 is a high-performance, low-bias curre...
  • The NCP81255 is a high-performance, low-bias current, single-phase regulator with integrated power MOSFETs intended to support a wide range of computing applications. The device is able to deliver up to 14 A TDC output current on an adjustable output with Intel proprietary interface interface. Operating in high switching frequency up to 1.2 MHz allows employing small size inductor and capacitors. The controller makes use of ON Semiconductor’s patented high performance RPM operation. RPM control maximizes transient response while allowing for smooth transitions between discontinuous-frequency-scaling operation and continuous-mode full-power operation. The NCP81255 has an ultra-low offset current monitor amplifier with programmable offset compensation for high-accuracy current monitoring.
  • 特性
  • Auto DCM Operation in High Current Power States - Better efficiency
  • High Performance RPM Control System - Easier to compensate
  • IMVP8 Intel proprietary interface Support - Compatible with Intel CPUs
  • Ultra Low Offset IOUT Monitor - Accuracy
  • Dynamic VID Feed-Forward
  • Programmable Droop Gain
  • Zero Droop Capable
  • Digitally Controlled Operating Frequency
  • These Devices are Pb−Free, Halogen Free/BFR Free and are RoHS Compliant
  • 应用
  • Industrial embedded systems
  • 技术文档及设计资源
  • 状况: Active
  • Compliance: Pb-free Halide free 
  • 具体说明: Single-Phase Regulator for IMVP8
  • 封装 类型: QFN-40
  • 封装 外形: 485DY
  • MSL: 3
  • 容器 类型: REEL
  • 容器 数量: 5000
  • Specifications
  • Topology: Step-Up 
  • Phases:
  • Control Mode: Current Mode 
  • VCC Min (V): 4.75 
  • VCC Max (V): 5.25 
  • fSW Typ (kHz): 600 - 1200 
  • Package Type: QFN-40 
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