NB7LQ572: Input Mux - 4:1 Differential, 2.5 V / 3.3 V, with Input Equalizer, Clock / Data Fanout Buffer / Translator, 1:2 LVPECL

具体说明: The NB7LQ572 is a high performance differential 4:...
  • The NB7LQ572 is a high performance differential 4:1 Clock/Data input multiplexer and a 1:2 LVPECL Clock/Data fanout buffer that operates up to 7GHz/11Gbps respectively with a 2.5V or 3.3V power supply. Each INx/INxb input pair incorporates a fixed Equalizer Receiver, which when placed in series with a Data path, will enhance the degraded signal transmitted across an FR4 backplane or cable interconnect. For applications that do not require Equalization, consider the NB7L572, which is pin-compatible to the NB7LQ572. The differential Clock/Data inputs have internal 50-ohm termination resistors and will accept differential LVPECL, CML, or LVDS logic levels. The NB7LQ572 incorporates a pair of Select pins that will choose one of four differential inputs and will produce two identical LVPECL output copies of Clock or Data. As such, the NB7LQ572 is ideal for SONET, GigE, Fiber Channel, Backplane and other Clock/Data distribution applications. The two differential LVPECL outputs will swing 750mV when externally loaded and terminated with a 50-ohm resistor to VCC - 2V and are optimized for low skew and minimal jitter. The NB7LQ572 is offered in a low profile 5mm x 5mm 32-pin QFN Pb-Free package. Application notes, models, and support documentation are available at www.onsemi.com. The NB7LQ572 is a member of the GigaComm family of high performance clock products.
  • 特性
  • Input Data Rate > 11 Gb/s Typical
  • Data Dependent Jitter < 10 ps
  • Maximum Input Clock Frequency > 7 GHz Typical
  • Random Clock Jitter < 0.8 ps RMS
  • Fixed Input Equalization
  • Low Skew 1:2 LVPECL Outputs, < 15 ps max
  • 4:1 MultiLevel Mux Inputs, accepts LVPECL, CML LVDS
  • 160ps Typical Propagation Delay
  • 50ps Typical Rise and Fall Times
  • Differential LVPECL Outputs, 800mV peaktopeak, typical
  • Operating Range: 2.5 +/-5% or 3.3 V +/-10%
  • Internal 50-ohm Input Termination Resistors
  • VREFAC Reference Output
  • 40C to +85C Ambient Operating Temperature
  • 应用
  • SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet Clock/Data Distribution
  • 终端产品
  • Servers and Routers
  • 技术文档及设计资源
  • 状况: Lifetime
  • Compliance: Pb-free Halide free 
  • 具体说明: Input Mux - 4:1 Differential, 2.5 V / 3.3 V, with Input Equalizer, Clock / Data Fanout Buffer / Translator, 1:2 LVPECL
  • 封装 类型: QFN-32
  • 封装 外形: 488AM
  • MSL: 1
  • 容器 类型: TUBE
  • 容器 数量: 74
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