MCH12140: Phase Frequency Detector

具体说明: The MCH12140 or K12140 is a phase frequency-detect...
  • The MCH12140 or K12140 is a phase frequency-detector intended for phase-locked loop applications which require a minimum amount of phase and frequency difference at lock. When used in conjunction with high performance VCO such as the MC100EL1648, a high bandwidth PLL can be realized. The device is functionally compatible with the MC12040 phase-frequency detector with the maximum frequency extending to 800 MHz.
    When the Reference (R) and VCO (V) inputs are unequal in
    frequency and/or phase, the differential UP (U) and DOWN (D)
    outputs will provide pulse streams which when subtracted and
    integrated provide an error voltage for control of a VCO. See
    AND8040 for further information. The device is packaged in a small outline, surface mount 8-lead SOIC package. There are two versions of the device to provide I/O compatibility to the two existing ECL standards. The MCH12140 is compatible with MECL 10H logic levels while the MCK12140 is compatible to 100 K ECL logic levels. This device can also be used in +5.0 V systems. See AND8020 for termination information.
  • 特性
  • 800 MHz Typical Bandwidth
  • Small Outline 8-Lead SOIC Package
  • 75 kΩ Internal Input Pulldown Resistors
  • > 1000 V ESD Protection
  • Pb-Free Packages are Available
  • 技术文档及设计资源
  • 状况: Active
  • Compliance: Pb-free Halide free 
  • 具体说明: Phase Frequency Detector
  • 封装 类型: SOIC-8
  • 封装 外形: 751-07
  • MSL: 1
  • 容器 类型: TUBE
  • 容器 数量: 98
  • 库存

  • Market Leadtime (weeks):2 to 4
  • Arrow:0
  • Avnet:<100
  • Digikey:<100
  • PandS:<1K
  • 封装
  • Input Level: ECL 
  • Output Level: ECL 
  • VCC Typ (V):
  • Transfer Gain Typ (mV/degree):  
  • CMRR Max (V):  
  • fToggle Max (MHz): 800 
  • tpd Typ (ns): 0.44 
  • tJitter Typ (ps): 0.2 
  • tR & tF Max (ps): 350 
  • Package Type: SOIC-8 
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