NCP1593BGEVB: 3 A Synchronous Buck Regulator Evaluation Board


The NCP1593 is a fixed 1 MHz, high output current, synchronous PWM converter that integrates a low-resistance, high-side P-channel MOSFET and a low-side N-channel MOSFET. The NCP1593 utilizes internally compensated current mode control to provide good transient response, ease of implementation and excellent loop stability. It regulates input voltages from 4.0 V to 5.5 V down to an output voltage as low as 0.6 V and is able to supply up to 3 A of load current. The NCP1593 includes an internally fixed switching frequency (FSW), and an internal soft-start to limit inrush current. Other features include cycle-by-cycle current limiting, 100% duty cycle operation, short- circuit protection, power saving mode and thermal shutdown.


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